Two new pages added: Jelly Roll Morton and Jerry Newman

     The hazards of being a creative musician: being manically obsessed with art, while also being thoroughly depressed by the world’s utter indifference. This lethal combo of uppers and downers put me in a very bad way for a long time, which might be summarized as: “Why do anything?”

     But one of the byproducts of the manic swings I had in the past fifteen years are oodles and oodles of writings about music on my computer: Blind Lemon Jefferson lyric transcriptions, working out the mathematics of guitar tuning, homemade discographies of Howlin’ Wolf and Pierre Boulez, 107 ways to play a particular six-note chord on the guitar, writing out the form of every Jelly Roll Morton and King Oliver recording. A lot of it was kind of “busywork”, my version of playing Tetris or Wordtwist or whatever. But a few of them recently struck me as candidates for inclusion here. To this end I’ve added a page entitled “Lists, Discographies, Transcriptions, and quasi-research” (see above). 

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