Compositions (in the classical grain)

Again; Against (for flute, clarinet, violin and cello) (1988) 10′

Performed by Paul Taub, Laura Deluca, Ella Grey and Walter Grey. Somewhat Berio-esque.

Piano Sonata (1986) 12′

Performed by Roger Nelson. A student effort toward assimilating the late tonal language and motific workings of Liszt, Mahler, and early Schoenberg.

Choreography for Orchestra (1988) 14′

Performed at Cornish College of the Arts, conducted by Roger Nelson.

33 Codas (1993; rev. 1996) 20′

33 Codas for flute, piano and percussion. It was commissioned and performed by the Taneko Ensemble: Roger Nelson, piano; Paul Taub, flute; and Matthew Kocmieroski, percussion. The premiere of the piece was at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.

Among/of/green… (2004) 10′

THIS PIECE CAN BE HEARD ON THE MP3 PLAYER ON THE HOME PAGE. A composition for viola, (classical) guitar, and piano, commissioned and premiered by the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble. Performed by Aglika Angelova (later performances by Eric Zivian), Michael Goldberg, and Kurt Rhode. The full title is the entire thirteen word text of William Carlos Williams’s poem “The Locust Tree in Flower”:






This piece is on the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble’s 2005 CD “San Francisco Premieres”.

Together At Last 9′

For violin, clarinet (bass cl.), keyboards, marimba lumina, electronic drums, electric guitar and sound engineer. Commissioned and performed by the Paul Dresher Elctro-Acoustic Ensemble.

A Bottle On The Waters 9′

THIS PIECE CAN BE HEARD ON THE MP3 PLAYER ON THE HOME PAGE. Electro-acoustic composition by John Schott and John Hanes, on a text by Israeli poet Dahlia Ravakovitch. It was commissioned by the Near Eastern Studies department of UC Berkeley, and premiered at a conference on Ravakovitch’s work. Several layers of the poem in English and Hebrew are mixed with recorded instruments and electronic processing.


Written for Steve Adams, Ben Goldberg, Laura Carmichael, Dan Plonsey, Carla Kihlstedt, Jenny Scheinman, Mathew Brubeck, Trevor Dunn, and Willie Winant. Performed and recorded at Yoshi’s, Oakland. A video recording was made by Graham Connah.

In These Great Times

Commissioned by John Zorn for the festival of Radical Jewish Culture, at Merkin Hall, New York. Recorded on Tzadik 7115, 1997. It is scored for electric guitar, acoustic bass, drum set, and tenor voice. In addition to myself the ensemble included Trevor Dunn, Kenny Wollesen, and John Horton Murray.

The texts in the piece are 1) excerpts from Karl Kraus’s speech regarding World War One, In Dieser Grossen Zeit, sung in German; the short text Der kommen des Messias by Franz Kafka, sung in Hebrew (translated by Naomi Seidman); 3) the Yiddish poem 1919 by Jacob Glatshteyn.

The CD was recorded in the fall of 1996 at Systems Two in Brooklyn, New York.


Written as a birthday present to the Rova Saxophone Quartet.

Second Thoughts

Commissioned and performed by the Rova Saxophone Quartet.

Music for Mac Wellman’s “Girl Gone”