Banner Photos

 At the top of this site is a banner that rotates several photos.

1) Meeting Alice Coltrane backstage after concert at the Masonic Auditorium, November 4, 2006. Photo (and ticket to concert, and ride to concert): Robert Milton

2) Sitting on top of Ellie Shapiro’s house, Berkeley, CA. Photo: Karen Salomon

3) Drawing music in the air with light; taken at Maker Faire, by a very nice couple that does photos like this who I’ve completely lost info for. I’ve subsequently seen a photo of Luciano Berio doing the same thing, so, yeah.

4) One of the first Dream Kitchen shows, at 21 Grand, Oakland, CA. Photo: Myles Boisen

5) Conducting the Oakland Active Orchestra at the Uptown Theatre in Oakland, photo by Michael Zelner.

6) Actual Cafe, April 2014, photo by Deena Aranoff