Roberto Gastelumendi is making a guitar

 I met Roberto Gastelumendi through Dan Seamans. Robert is an innovative and virtuoso woodworker and builder; his furniture pieces, surfboards, skateboards, iPhone cases are like Hundertwasser designs in wood. This amazing creation is his first guitar, awaiting sanding, routing, and everything else (the neck is from Warmoth).

The woods include Walnut, Rosewood, Ash, White Oak, Cherry, Basswood, Purpleheart, Padauk, Wenge, and even Douglas Fir. 

I’m thinking a hardtail Strat bridge and two humbuckers, but it’s all still up in the air. “Half the fun is getting there”, as the ad slogan in my youth had it. I’ll post more pictures when it gets to the next stage.close up detail guitar body

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